Establishment of Niinuma Tomofarm Co., Ltd

Farm address:Mang Den High-tech Agriculture Area, Kon Plong Dist., Kon Tum, Vietnam
Business: cultivation, processing, sale of agricultural products
Capital investment: VNĐ
Investor: Niinuma Co., Ltd 100% investment

Working in the field of manufacturing, trading and developing LED lights, NIINUMA VIET NAM has been and is continuing its mission of bringing high quality products to Vietnamese consumers.

Along with the economic development, the awareness of people's health is increasing day by day. Understanding that, NIINUMA has established the second subsidiary in Vietnam named NIINUMA TOMOFARM.

NIINUMA TOMOFARM will develop the agribusiness in the highlands and mountainous regions of Vietnam - where Niinuma Vietnam has supplied or has plan to supply our LED products. With the first farm in Mang Den - Kon Tum, we will supply to Vietnam market agricultural products with high nutritional value and quality according to Japanese standards.

With the support of the government, our business model is about agriculture and agritourism, aiming to develop the entire agribusiness in Vietnam. With the Japanese standard production and quality control system, we will try to provide the best products to the Vietnamese market, create jobs for workers in highland and remote areas. This is also one of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) that Niinuma aims to achieve.
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