Small and Medium Enterprises and SDGs Business Support Project, sponsored by JICA.

Press Release
                                                                                                                   17 May2021
"Small and Medium Enterprises and SDGs Business Support Project", sponsored by JICA.
Niinuma aim to provide electrified life to the mountainous region of Yen Bai Province, Vietnam.
Company: Niinuma Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: MrToshihide Niinuma
Headquarters: 2-20Motourayashiki, Kadonowaki,Ishinomaki City, Miyagi, Japan
NiinumaCo., Ltd. (hereinafter the Company) is developing overseas business with environmental-related products such as LED lighting in Vietnam.This time, in order toprovide an electrified life to mountainous areas, we propose"solar power generation / storage equipment and cloudcomputingIoT monitoring system", planned andimplemented by our Overseas Divisionand local subsidiary in Vietnam, withJapan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
We are pleased to inform that in FY2020,the 2nd "Small and Medium-sized Enterprise / SDGs Business Support Project" has been adopted for the dissemination / demonstration / commercialization project (SME support type) (hereinafter referred to as project).
Under the themeof the SDGs, we are actively developing our environmental business targeting a sustainable future. By developing, manufacturing, and selling environmentally-related products such as energy storage and renewable energy sourses,we will contribute to the realization of a safe and comfortable society through business development that balances the reduction of customer’s cost and carbon dioxide emissions.
In Yen Bai Province, Vietnam, which is the key area of ​​this project, more than 6,000 households live in non-electrified mountainous areas. Despite the effort to provide power for the residents, the current situation is that the development of power infrastructure in mountainous areas requires enormous costs, and power conversion is progressing slowly.
In this adopted project of JICA, in a short period of time, the power supply to the key area will be realised by using solar power and power storage equipment, concurrently analyze and verify the amount of power generation and power usage status via the IoT cloud computing system. By this method, we will analized how to objectively verify the power demands. Utilizing the results will help spread our products in Vietnam in the future, and we will use renewable energy to minimize the impact on the natural environment of key areas as well as mountainous areas. Realization of sustainable power supply to mountainous area residents can be expected.
Urban infrastructure and information technology are expanding rapidly in urban areas of Vietnam.  On the other hand, in rural areas due to the disparity in infrastructure and information that causes jobs, incomes and residents move from rural to urban areas. By reducing the gap between cities and rural areasthrough infrastructure development in this project, we will be significantly promote safety and security in Yenbai province, such as income improvement, expansion of educational opportunities, and cope with upcoming disaster.
We will continue to work on solving social issues through our business, driven by SDGs.
English project name: SDGs Business Verifcation Survey with the Private Sector for Solar Power Generation, Storage Equipment and Cloud-Based IoT Monitoring System in Vietnam
Overview of the popularization / application / business commercialization project (Plan)
Target country/region
HanoiCity, Yen Bai Province,Vietnam
2. Overviewof
Dissemination/ demonstration/ commercialization of solar power generator, storage and monitoring systems by utilizing cloud-based IoT. After this project, we will develop our business in Yenbai Province and other provinces, provide electric life to mountainous areas where difficult to draw power grids in remote areas, secure educational opportunities for children at night, and aim to improve income and escape poverty by being able to do partime work.
3. Implementation plan period August 2021–November2023 (2years 4months)
(The period may change depends on the corona disaster situation.)
4. Estimated project costs Approximately 100 million yen
5. Vietnam
Country-by-Country Development Cooperation Policy
Areas of Focus: Growth and Competitiveness
Development issues: Improvement of economic infrastructure development and access services
6. Related SDGs
 Business Goals
・Clean energy to everyone
・Build foundation of industry and technological innovation
・Implement concrete measures against climate change
7. Regional financial organizationsand external human resources 77 BankCo., Ltd
Daiwa Research InstituteCo., Ltd

Contact person : Ms. Trang
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