Create new value between "people and time" and "people and environment"
Contribute to the realization of a safe, comfortable and healthy society

Together we make the world a better place

Niinuma was founded in 1913, in Inomaki, Japan.
Thanks to everyone, it has finally become a 100-year-old company. Our ambition is still halfway. 
Niinuma has been expanding its business and continues to move forward for a better environment. We will take action for the future of the environment under the theme of "SDGs". The SDGs were passed by the Parliament in 2015, with international goals for the period from 2016 to 2030. The SDGs include 17 international goals and 169 set targets for the realization of a better world in the future.
Japan ranks 15th in the world, but when compared to other European countries, it faces many difficulties and challenges. As a representative of a developing country, Japan in general and Niinuma in particular have been and will continue to make efforts to move forward.

  Protect the environment with our products and services
Niinuma's products and services are aimed at connecting people with the environment and culture, solving problems and creating new values.
Through products such as eco-friendly LED lights, solar panel power generation systems, and household waste treatment machines, Niinuma aims to solve the essential issues raised in SDGs.
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