Recently, in Nam Tien Commune and Communes near Red River- Phu Xuyen District - Ha Noi, residents were very happy and felt secured when they went to the Red river dyke road at night because they have lighting electricity, especially the lights use both solar and wind energy.
Mr.Phung Van Thao live in  De Tham Hamlet, Van Minh Village, Nam Tien Commune shared that people here must witness the dark dike road of the Red River at night for decades. For those who do not know the way, taking a ferry from Hung Yen province across the river and then having to go on the dike in the dark is very dangerous. In many cases, traffic accidents occurred or crashed down the dike. The pilot installation of 10 bulbs used by solar energy in combination with wind has made everyone very excited.
Mrs.Nguyen Thi Toan, next to the house of Mr.Thao shared that they really appreciate for having the electric light in the entire road of De Tham hamlet, it has helped the people, especially the elderly and children who go in dyke road more safely. The State and the Enterprises have paid attention on the long-standing expectation of the local people.
Head of Phu Xuyen District Urban Management Division Du Anh Hao said that after specialized departments surveyed and reported, on October 31, 2019, the People's  Committee in the city issued Decision No. 6107/QD - The People's Committee approved the feasibility study report on the implementation of the project to build a solar lighting system combine with wind energy at Provincial Road 428, 429 and the dyke of the Red River. Therefore, the People's Committee in the district has coordinated with specialized departments to complete legal procedures so that at the beginning of this June, Niinuma Vietnam Co., Ltd. would carry out the installation and test operation of 10 light poles at the Red River dyke, the last section Nam Tien commune has brought practical results since the evening of April 10.
Concerning this content, Vice Chairman in charge of the People's Committee of Phu Xuyen district Nguyen The Cong affirmed: “Through many field surveys on roads and collecting people's opinions, everyone is very excited because The State will install about 925 electric lighting poles with solar energy in combination with wind at the dyke road of Red river and provincial road 428, 429 in the coming time. This is the driving force for the District People's Committee to actively coordinate with relevant departments and agencies to complete legal documents to early implement the project in the near future to serve the safety of people's travel, especially in at night, when many roads in the area do not have light yet ”.
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